Super Smash Flash 2 Pit Guide

Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked Games is an action based game, and it is filled with exciting, real type fights and sounds. This is the like that the gaming feature of everyone will like. Just like the other games the players want to press the special keys in the PC to move and for some special actions. In this type of game, you can have the option choosing the player alone or you can play with the computer.

One of the biggest and the excitement things in these games are their characters. Some important characters are Chibi-Robo, Donkey Kong, Mario, Pit etc. the most important things is that each of these special characters simply has their own styles. Other big advantages of these games are visuals and the sounds effects which show in a real time manner.

Super Smash Flash 2 Pit is recognized by its wings. It had the wings for the flying options. Pit is well rounded character that has the options for almost everything. However, none of those options are super amazing. It had also a great potential, as much of his damage will come up from close. If an opportunity arises, it flies and attacks the enemy in his own way.

The special moves for the character Pit are Up Smash, Side Smash, Side Special, Back Air and Down Air. the special moves helps the pit to fight against the enemy in the game. His presence of tilts is fast but not so strong. The blades also have a sweet spot at the tip which causes the enemy more damaged. Pit’s only advantages are his Bow, which fires one blue arrow that can be armed before and after firing. It can be shot up or changes his way of firing after projecting.

The move is much strong because it has strong armor which allows the Pit to go closer in the opposite side of the enemy. The moves of Pits cover the tons of distance.

Overall, Pit struggles a little bit in this game but the killing options for him are too high to get the percentage. But the speed of the Pit is relatively slow in case of ground; while in the air it is the hero of the game. So mostly Pit is able to fight in the air itself due to the strength he had while fighting in the air.

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