How This Canadian Based SkipTheDishes’s Competitors Differ?

We all know there many competitors to Skip The Dishes such as Foodora, Doordash, Alloresto, Deliveroo, Ubereats, Food Honey, etc…. If you can always have the dishes delivered from your favorite restaurant with coupons or voucher codes, you can now have menus delivered as kits to cook or dishes made by the site itself. Follow the guide!

List Of Food Delievry Startups competing with Skip The Dishes:

More and more numerous, the sites specializing in the delivery of meals try each one to have their added value to exist in front of the competition. From partner portals of restaurants to start-ups preparing their own dishes through home cooking kits , the offer is wide and varied. Here is a selection to make your choice based on your budget, your place of residence or your food preferences. We also looked for the opinions of Internet users on different sites and social networks, as well as on the Styles Room , then compiled the most frequent remarks.


What? Foodora is originally German. Created in Munich in 2015, it is now one of the pioneers of home delivery. You can make your choice directly online or via the smartphone and tablet application.

Special? Foodora not only offers the latest trends, but also well-established restaurants. And the service is available in five major French cities. Delivery by cyclist mainly.


What? The British company has been in existence since 2013 and delivers to 12 countries worldwide and 84 cities, from Ireland to Australia via Hong Kong or the Netherlands.

Special? Delivery men travel by bicycle. The site has also recently specialized in high-end gastronomy, to eat at home as in a starred restaurant.

Resto In

What? Launched in 2005, the site offers a selection of world restaurants, pastries and groceries, breakfasts, ice cream and beverages.

Special? The site specializes in the delivery of high-end brands such as Mamma Roma, Amorino or Exki.


What? Launched in 2015, UberEATS is used on the same application and therefore the same account as Uber , but also their website.

Special? You can choose from 800 restaurants in Paris and near suburbs, a hundred establishments in Lyon. The meal is delivered in less than 30 minutes on average. As for Uber, it is possible to note the delivery man and the restaurant.

My RestoBox

What? Located in Lille, the company can compose “resto box” based on organic products, local and environmentally friendly.

Special? A waiter comes to clear your table once the meal is tasted, as in the restaurant. The packaging is certified without products dangerous to health. All recipes are developed with nutritionists.

Allo Hector

What? The site, which exists since 2016, allows you to order a selection of sandwiches, appetizers, chef dishes, Japanese dishes, desserts and drinks. Allo Hector also provides catering services.

Special? An offbeat side claimed by the sign, especially via the category ‘Extras’ (champagne flutes, blinis, condom …) Delivery from 6pm to 6am.

Pop Chef

What? Pop Chef was born in 2015, wishing to put forward an economic and healthy cooking. Every day, at least three appetizers, six dishes (including a vegetarian), at least three desserts and two drinks are on the menu.

Special? Fresh ingredients in just 15 minutes. Delivery is offered and unsold copies are redistributed to employees. Everything is cooked that morning.


What? Created in 2015, the site changes its menu every day, including starter, main course and dessert.

Special? Nestor is also concerned about the environment: the couriers run by bike and the cutlery is made of bamboo.


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